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    August 25, 2011



    The first half of the commercial looks like an Applebee's ad - not a fast food joint. Could be a good thing for the BK brand.

    Mike McClure

    Yes, the food photography in the beginning is gorgeous and says quality food. It could be good for the brand - it's just a different brand than the one they've been building for years.


    Burger King has dropped 'The King' as such commercials did well to entertain their already faithful customers, but did little to attract new customers - especially with today's increasingly health-conscious crowd. All the same though, Burger King is still the quirky brand that we've come to know it as, even in this commercial. This entire ad is a (rather humorous) allegory to birth - from conception (the salt) to actual delivery (pulling the onion). Beautiful, yet absolutely hilarious once you've recognized it.

    Mike McClure

    Matt, I hadn't tuned into the birth allegory, but now that you mentioned it and I went back and rewatched the commercial, I can totally see it! Thanks for sharing your insights.


    wicked blog, this is going on my twitter.


    jes, the Picture at the biginning is a very good advert for bk`s products :)

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